Evaporate condenser



An evaporative condenser is used to remove excess heat from a cooling system when the heat cannot be utilised for other purposes. The excess heat is removed by evaporating water.

The evaporative condenser has a cabinet with a water-sprayed condenser, and it usually has one or more fans. The excess heat is removed by evaporating water. In an evaporative condenser the primary coolant of the cooling system is cooled, which is the opposite of a cooling tower. Evaporator condensers are more expensive than dry coolers and are primarily used in large cooling systems or systems where the outdoor temperature is high. In many locations around the world, regulations limit the physical size of a cooling system and this in turn limits the use of evaporative condensers.

Spraying a condenser with water exploits the fact that the dew point temperature is lower than the air temperature and that a wet surface transfers heat more efficiently.

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